How to Clean Inside of Toaster?

Your toaster can be a real treasure, but it’s not always so easy to keep clean. You might find that the crumbs inside have gotten burnt and stuck together in clumps or you may have spilled some filling on its interior when your bread was taking too long; either way, there will likely still be bits of food left behind, after all, is said and done even if just from one little cupcake bite! It doesn’t take much effort at all though follow these simple steps:

Cleaning Your Toaster

How to Clean Inside of Toaster

It is essential to keep your appliances clean and well-maintained. This helps you save on energy, lessen the risks of accidents around the house (especially for children), as well as maintain efficiency so that they are not running all day long!

How Do I Clean The Interior Of My Toaster?

We’ll show you how to clean out a toaster, just like we said we’d do. To begin, learn how to clean the interior of your toaster:

  1. Remove the toaster from the outlet. Do this after each usage and before cleaning the equipment. Before you begin cleaning the toaster, make sure it has cooled down.
  2. Keep an eye out for the crumb tray. Locate a raised lip or edge on one side of your toaster to achieve this. To detach it from the toaster, hook your finger inside and pull.
  3. Place all of the crumb tray’s loose remnants in a garbage can. With water and soap, remove any tenacious residues. After that, thoroughly dry your crumb tray.
  4. When you’re through cleaning the outside, replace your crumb tray.
  5. Clean the heating coils inside the toaster using a pastry brush or a dry toothbrush. These tools are ideal for cleaning the appliance’s hard-to-reach places.
  6. After brushing off the debris, carefully turn the toaster upside down, tap it, and shake it out.
  7. Bring the toaster back to its original position.
  8. You may also wipe the interior sections with a wet cloth, paying specific attention to the grooves where grease likes to accumulate.
  9. If any melted cheese remains, scrape it away with a butter knife.

How Do I Clean The Exterior?

The inside is quite simple to clean. So, how do you clean the outside of a toaster? Take the following steps:

  1. Using a gentle, moist cloth, wipe the surface and knobs. Make sure you get rid of smudges and dirt.
  2. Use a towel and white vinegar to polish a stainless steel surface. On avoid drips on the heating coils, apply a tiny quantity of vinegar to the fabric.

And that’s the end of the cleaning work! Remember to replace your crumb tray, and your toaster will be as good as new.

Tips On Cleaning Your Toaster

  1. Once a week, clean your crumb tray.
  2. Clean your toaster in the sink, beside a trash can, or on a newspaper-covered table. Crumbs and other residues will not make as much of a mess in your workspace this way.
  3. Once a month, polish the outside of your toaster.
  4. Submerge neither the toaster nor the cable in water.
  5. It is not a good idea to dismantle your appliance since it will lose your guarantee.


You’ll never have to worry about stale, burned toast again. A clean toaster means having fresh bread every day!

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